Why B2B Matters

Marketing to other businesses requires a different strategy than that of consumer marketing. While you still need to show your customers why they need your product or service, you must do so in a different way. Using traditional marketing tactics in a B2B environment will likely result in a lot of wasted resources, including your most valuable one: time.

At KBTRON we understand this because it is what we do for ourselves. Throughout our years of experience, we have developed a unique strategy to attract leads, qualify them and turn them into customers. By implementing these efficiencies you will start gaining more new business with far less effort.

Sales Enablement Solutions
Make sure that your sales team has the resources and messaging they need to close the deal. Our team will help you pull together sales enablement materials that can be used across your company.
CRM Analysis
Your customer relationship management platform is crucial to your success in B2B marketing. We will evaluate different metrics and the data you are collecting to create a more efficient CRM.
Sales & Marketing Alignment
Too often sales and marketing teams are working against each other instead of working together. With our help, you can align these two teams by utilizing sales feedback and providing them with the resources they need.
Intelligent Lead Generation
There are various techniques you can implement to increase engagement and attract the right customers to your company. Our team will help you evaluate your current lead generation practices and strategize adjustments that will help you connect with your audience.
Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO enables visitors on your site to take action. Using design and data analytics, our CRO improvements will eliminate the obstacles that prevent your customers from converting while guiding them toward your site’s call-to-action.
Lead Scoring
Lead scoring will help you determine the interest of your potential customers. We will help you identify the factors that indicate a successful customer relationship so you can target the right leads and increase their likelihood of purchasing.
Lead Nurturing & Inbound Automation
Don’t lose proactive prospects due to a delayed response. With our b2b lead generation services, you can implement automation that will allow you to quickly respond to those who indicate interest and nurture those who may need more time.
Sales Analytics & Intelligence
Monitoring your sales analytics such as close rate, sales cycle and leads per source will help you better understand how your sales team operates and where you can help. Equipped with this data, we will help you develop a strategy to be a more effective partner for your sales team.
Funnel Creation
Knowing your customer’s buying journey is an important factor in guiding them toward a purchase. We will help your team map out an appropriate funnel so you can start accelerating your prospects through it, giving them what they need when they need it.
Outbound Prospecting
Prospecting is typically a very manual process that involves a lot of time on LinkedIn and other resources. Free up your team to spend time on other critical tasks and let us handle reaching out to qualified leads.
Customer Persona Creation & Strategy
Creating customer personas will help you better understand the type(s) of customer(s) you are trying to reach. We will not only help you build out these profiles, but we’ll then develop a strategy for using them across all your marketing activities.
Behavioral Analysis & Automation
Understanding how your customers behave both on and off your site provides valuable insight into their purchasing process. We will use this information to provide you with insights and implement automation to increase the efficiency of your team.

Our Process


Define the Customer Journey

As a first step, we will map out the customer experience to ensure the right marketing content is created for each phase across all of your digital channels. To inform this strategy and create alignment we will interview members of your sales team.


Implement the Strategy

Next, we will launch our strategy and make adjustments based on data. This includes inbound email, outbound email, content marketing, paid social, and paid search elements.


Get More Leads

With more efficient and effective practices in place, your team will be fed with quality leads. As your pipeline builds, so too will your revenue and business!