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Since 2018, Kbtron Systems has prided itself on providing clients with top consulting talent who understand the industries they’re working in, and the technologies their working on. To this end, Kbtron Systems provides competitive salaries, bonuses, and benefits options for each of its consultants. Kbtron Systems was founded on the premise that diversity is strength. This is just one reason why Kbtron Systems provides immigration assistance for qualified staffers from around the world. Want to put a diverse and talented team of consultants to work for your enterprise? Choose Kbtron Systems!



Understand consumer/user, competition, company and culture.


Define a positioning and a persona that is unique and memorable.


Design the structure and the system of the brand to create a language.


Devise the narrative for a launch and further brand stories for relevance.

Health Check

Create a metric set to measure the reputation and experience.



Devise a strategy for brand communication – product/service or demand generation.


Develop the assets as a connected content across awareness, knowledge and change.


Identify a channel palette and publish content with a goal.


Measure and prescribe across channels to get closer to the goal.


Nurture from content, to conversation, community and conversion.



Collect all the leads from multiple touch-points to a singular tracker.


Collate the prospective set to further engagement.


Increase predictability by qualifying the leads from cold to warm.


Negotiate scope, time, effort and cost to convert.


Collect net promoter score and feedback loop for customer delight

Kbtron’s Competitive Advantages

We are confident that our clients will get the best results when they choose to partner with us

About KBTron

Since 2018, KBTRON Systems has prided itself on providing clients with top consulting talent who understand the industries they’re working in, and the technologies their working on.



SEO, Social Media, Marketing



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India and UAE

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We offer the value that comes from multiple engagements across many different clients, products, market segments and verticals. Our clients benefit from what we have learned, and what we continue to learn each year.

Market and internal changes come rapidly and with little warning for most companies. The bandwidth, focus, and time it takes to make corrections is often a challenge. We understand things change, and are ready and able to shift direction when needed. Our best practices help us do it faster, with little-to-no program impact.

As a partner outside your own internal operations, we can uniquely step back and assess your challenges, recommend solutions, and deliver results without getting caught up in the internal political battles. We want what’s best for you, and aren’t afraid to make suggestions that aren’t in our own best interest, if it means the right thing for your company.

We invest in specialties and new technologies, such as Hiring and Development Assessment tools, Marketing Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence tools, and bring the value and benefit of these resources immediately. This means you benefit from everything we learn, while saving costs associated with burdening these services on your own.